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NFL UK Creating New NFL Sponsorships

October 24, 2011 1 comment

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the NFL has signed an agreement to continue to play regular season NFL games in Britain through 2016. Commissioner Goodell has begun conversations with several NFL teams about playing in Britain on a regular basis.

Commissioner Goodell is accepting volunteers to play in Britain over the next four seasons.

This week we seen the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Chicago Bears in London,  the second game in three years Tampa Bay has played in London.

It didn’t take long for companies to jump at the sponsorship opportunity of NFL UK. The first being Papa Johns, currently the official pizza sponsor of NFL in the U.S. Papa Johns has now signed an agreement to become the official sponsor of NFL in U.K. Shortly after Chrysler signed an agreement to become the official auto sponsor of the NFL in UK. Chrysler started promoting before the Tampa Bay vs Chicago game this past week with activation booths at the pre-games. Chrysler, among other incentives will have participation in key events such as the Super Bowl. The agreement also includes sponsorship of Sky Sports which is live coverage of the NFL during the 2011 season.

I’ve seen games overseas before and it has crossed my mind how sponsorship rights would work for these games. I assumed that the NFL, regardless of where it was played, would be treated as one entity. Obviously this is not the case. I believe this could potentially be good for companies looking to either improve exposure through the NFL or companies looking to expand to an international market. On the other hand it can be somewhat annoying for companies who are currently official sponsors of the NFL. While it currently is only one game per season, Commissioner Goodell would like to expand to multiple games a season. A small problem with that is this could intrude on the territory of  companies with currently have deals with the NFL US as I believe their would be a slight confusion of who was the NFL sponsor and who was the UK. Also, like I stated before Chrysler will have activities and promotions during the Super Bowl and on Sky Sports. While for Papa Johns, who is the official sponsor of both NFL US and UK has nothing to be concerned about, General Motors, the current official auto sponsor of the NFL US may have a reason to be upset. Now they will have Chrysler practically competing as the NFL Official Auto Sponsor.

I wonder who will be the next to jump at the opportunity to sponsor NFL UK.