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CBA Negotiations Conveniently Starting Right Before the Super Bowl?

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

For nearly one year now every professional football fan has held their breath thinking of the possibility of not having a 2011 NFL Season. Within the last few months I know I’ve personally been concerned as every website, blog, interview and hobo on the street has said there has been very little progress, if any,on the situation. If you let executives tell it we were months away from watching the weather and local news on Sunday afternoons instead of our favorite team.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Fortunately within the last few weeks progress seems to be made. Yesterday it was announced that the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the Executive Director of the NFL Players Union DeMaurice Smith will meet to discuss the CBA.

DeMaurice Smith Head of the NFL Players Union

It was also announced that this will be the first of several meetings over the next few weeks. Some of the key issues to be discussed would be the extension of the regular season from 16 to 18 games, rookie wages, and player retirement support. For  many this was a sigh of relief. As I’m sure after the Super Bowl with no season to look forward to many fans were beginning to look for other outlets to fill the huge whole the NFL could have potentially left. Now that CBA talk has been planned to begin the fans of the other 30 NFL teams can begin to look forward to their off-season. This potentially coming months after the Super Bowl, how convenient , right? After hearing this and thinking about it I believe it’s to convenient. “But why would they do that?” You may ask. Well personally I believe it was to keep rating consistent with the past years. Rating scores for the 2010 Super Bowl Top Five commercials were lower than 2009, in turn were lower than the 2008 ratings. As a result prices for the 30 second spots during the Super Bowl have declined over the years.  In 2010 30 second ads were selling for $2.5 Million to$2.8 Million, compared to an average $3 Million in the 2009 Super Bowl. While still very expensive, this is not a trend the NFL would like to tolerate. CBS believes under hard economic times companies are only looking to advertise during the Super Bowl if they plan to introduce a new brand or maybe a new company.

The Betty White Snickers commercial ranked 2nd in the 2010 Super Bowl Commercial Ratings, but barely made the Top 10 compared to the 2009 commercial ratings and even lower for the 2008 ratings

So I believe the NFL intentionally postponed the negotiation of the CBA to attract more viewers to the Super Bowl as many would believe it could potentially be the last NFL game for over a year. Within these viewers would be directors of advertising and marketing of successful company’s. They would believe just like the average viewer that this would potentially be the last NFL game for sometime and jump at the opportunity. As a result competition and prices for the ad spots would increase. “But wouldn’t this cost the NFL for delaying the negotiation?” Doing this will cost the NFL nothing with the current CBA expiring on March 3rd. For the average NFL fan what I believe is the CBA is closer along then many believe. I believe in the next month we will see progress start to roll. At the end of the day, no one wants to be out of the job come March and at home mowing the lawn on Sunday afternoon.